Letter to WSJ on Cali’s violence

Dear Editor,

In “Colombia’s Former ‘Murder Capital’ Falls into Chaos During Pandemic” (June 11 WSJ) it becomes more plain why our country is sliding deeper into a more violent and less respectable state.

The author, Kejal Vyas claims that “the health crisis took priority over spending on social programs and antiviolence initiatives.” Where is the evidence that social programs stop gang violence?

In the U.S. social programs have proven to do just the opposite, replacing personal accountability with a faceless state. After so many years mired in murder and the same useless band-aids trotted out with no positive results, the author assumes his professors were correct and editorializes in the news pages to our detriment.

No wonder we elect more and more Marxists. Ditch the social programs and accompanying war on drugs and watch a free people get along, as law enforcement fills a proper role for a change.

Fritz Groszkruger

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