One response to “Electric cars

  1. This whole zero carbon objective is a joke. Even Biden’s erroneously named “Infrastructure” Bill has about 1% of what would be required, for example, to build-out a network of nation-wide charging stations, and that doesn’t even account for what would be required in terms of additional electric power (electricity generation stations) and the upgrading of electricity transmission lines. Plus, if carmakers, like Chevrolet, switch to manufacturing 100% electric vehicles, the costs would soon increase beyond the ability to pay of the middle and lower classes. This is due to the cost of extraction of key elements and rare earth elements (like lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and an array of rare earth elements, etc.). While most of these elements are found i=throughout the world, the mining and extraction and purification of them run to the extreme in costs. And today, China provides about 90% of these required materials making for a significant economic exposure if China gets pissed-off enough to shutter trading in these materials.

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