Notes On the News

After being under the Saudi thumb for decades, American entrepreneurs discovered that oil could be extracted from a broad area while disturbing a place the size of a Walmart parking lot. After thousands of “heroes’” lives were lost, gas was cheap enough that we could drive down the street for a pack of cigarettes. We were finally free.

Yesterday Biden’s energy secretary, Jenifer Granholm, said fuel is best moved through pipe in answer to a reporter’s question about the “hacked” Colonial Pipeline and a rail alternative. This, less than a year after her boss shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline. This, while East Coast gas stations are running out of gas due to a computer hack. Thank goodness we have plenty of $80 million F-35 fighter/bombers to protect our country (which costs $36,000 per hour to fly, by the way). Is there a priority problem, or a cronyism problem?

Lumber prices are up 250%. Republicans blame Biden because a more complex answer would cause people to throw up their hands. Yuck! When thousands of only remotely susceptible people were sitting at home and the mills sat empty, real people outside the lockdown mandates continued on with their lives, building decks and gazebos. This was happening when Trump was the main hate object occupying the minds of the blame seekers. Tree farms in the South can’t give their logs away because the mills can’t keep up while lumber is priced out of reach for you and me.

I’m hearing this thing like the wind. It’s constant, “ I prefer to listen to experts!” What it actually means is, you are a fool and I refuse to discuss it because I read government press releases and think they were written by journalists. What if all the experts are not heard? Michael Yeadon was a vice president for Pfizer in charge of research for 16 years. He questions the effectiveness of lockdowns and masks. He questions safety of gene-altering therapy marketed as vaccines, especially when we are told to wear masks after the so-called vaccination. How dare he? I paid attention in biology class. He has a point.

An inquiry is desperately needed, I hear, into the deadly insurrection. A report like the 9/11 Commission Report would be nice. This would be great, except it would simply be another waste of time because, like the 9/11 Commission Report, any information that rocks the boat will be redacted. Remember the 28 pages? That’s the part where national security would be compromised. Make that government or elite security. No critical thinker actually believes those 28 pages would threaten the lives of U.S. citizens without a title.

The spring break crowd in Florida this year made those Trump goofs look like choirboys. Where was the fire? Where were the weapons? The only person killed by violence was an unarmed woman shot at point blank range by an unidentified cop. Attacks on churches are generally frowned upon. Unruly tourists at the Capitol were heretics to the cathedral of the government religion.

On the job front we have businesses who can’t find workers and workers collecting unemployment. One little ray of hope… our governor is rejecting federal unemployment supplements that price workers out of the market. I hope this nullification will be expanded to all forms of federal interference.

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