We Don’t Need No Stinking Rules

Excuse the flow of consciousness but where do ya actually go.with all this stuff? Cancel loans? Right outa the blue? What are all the refs and umpires gonna do?


In a column in the Wall Street Journal called “Ask Personal Journal,” the question was asked, “… can my employer forbid me from wearing a mask while at work?”

If the worker doesn’t like what is required on the job he can quit. The employer should be allowed to set the rules. That is why he is the boss. He earned that right and the reason progress is ever made is because the people at the top have shown they belong there.

The economy should be organized in a way that promotes the common good. The common good is always served best by having each individual’s special skills utilized to their best use.

When I say “organized” it could be construed as being ordered around by a committee or um, an organizer. After twelve years of school of course, it is hard to escape the first inclination to think of being organized as being ordered about. We are used to it. In the workplace it has become standard to believe we are safe because some authority like OSHA looks it over for us. We stop thinking. It’s not safe.

I need to work on tolerance. When driving on the interstate I get frustrated. I’ve always loved cars for two reasons. They give us freedom and the rules of the road make sense. The freedom part should be obvious but it isn’t. Look at people driving, alone, with a mask on. They remind me of Jews in Nazi Germany proudly displaying their yellow stars. If they thought about it, would they believe they are protecting themselves from giving themselves the virus?

The speed limit on the interstate is interesting. What is it? Once, a trooper told my daughter it is 9 mph over the speed limit. Huh?

A hot topic today is forgiveness of student loans. Once again let’s go back to rules. If we can tell a bank or school or government the loan doesn’t need to be paid back, isn’t that a bit confusing? If the trooper has a bad day, is the limit then 8 mph over the posted limit? How do we plan our lives with constantly changing rules?

Sometimes I’ve caught myself hogging the left lane. I look in the mirror and there’s a car about 15 feet off my tail doing 78 mph. As soon as I get past the car on my right I move over. I look as the tailgater zooms past without so much as a glance of appreciation for saving them one tenth of a second on their race to some important place.

I’ve always been a waver. Maybe because I was a Californian before the Easterners invaded it. I’d pull up to a stop signal and there would be a race, who waves at the driver next to them first? If I was a bit slow I wasn’t shamed. My fellow traffic friend would be thinking, “He’ll do better next time. We are all part of a beautiful world.”

The interstate is interesting in that the city people are there for the purpose of getting to the other city. It is unavoidable until the day someone invents a way of transport without moving through space. I don’t know anything about the people in the other cars. Are they disappointed because it’s impossible to ask why I don’t have a Bernie sticker?

What if asking the car in front to move over was a flash of the headlights, like they do in Europe? That would be friendly. 

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