Tucker Carlson

I often brag about my Aunt Cherry having had Tucker as an elementary school student. We watch him on YouTube. It amazes us that he can say the things he does and is still available on YouTube. Last night we figured it out. He says China is a big threat. A boogeyman is a ticket to mainstream acceptance.

Tucker Carlson Tonight' Draws Record 4.3 Million Viewers In 2Q – Deadline

One response to “Tucker Carlson

  1. Astute observation. Tucker really does have a hate-on for China. Why that is, is never mentioned. He way too often has the China quack on his show, one Gordon Chang. Twenty years ago, Mr. Chang wrote a book the, among many other predictions, forecast the near-term collapse of China. Chang was wrong on every prediction he made (I read the book at the time of publication). Tucker has him on his show simply because Chang also hates China. Yes, China is a competitor to the U.S. on many fronts, and on all those fronts is eating the lunch of the U.S. Okay, so if the U.S. can’t keep-up, then too bad. But that is not a rational reason to condemn China. Maybe to envy China, but not castigate them. In the meantime, the U.S> continues to allow open-border immigration that is increasingly diluting the brain power of the population and ensuring that the U.S. falls farther and farther behind China.

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