“Voting for science”

That seems to be a popular phrase these days.

The U.S. House voted to reject a bill lowering the voting age to sixteen 302 to 125. The science part comes in where a few years ago the human mind was determined to fully develop at 25 years of age. This imortance of voting thing is way out of hand.

Republican, Pat Fallon of Texas said, “Our society has agreed since then (Vietnam war times) for 50 years that eighteen is when a child becomes an adult.” He missed the article in National Geographic several years ago.

His statement, as opposition, shows the dialog is excluding the side of logic and is confined to a tiny scale of argument as if in a debate club devoid of extremes afraid of saying something outrageous; even if it is true.

Elected Officials Directory: U.S. Representative Pat Fallon | The Texas  Tribune
Pat Fallon is within bounds.

One response to ““Voting for science”

  1. Well, he’s a politician and quite careful of whereof he speaks. Voting age should be raised to 35, at least. Not that voting makes a wit of difference, but the trusting, unlettered public believes each of their votes count.

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