Andrew Cuomo, naughty boy

This governor caused thousands to die by sending infected people into nursing homes where vulnerable people lived (that is, if this whole covid thing is true or flu or….)

Now he’s in big hot water for inappropriate sexual conduct, a remark, a kiss, you know. What happened to equality for women? What happened to self defense? Bust him one, babe! Who doesn’t know where it would cause immediate doubling over and crying for mercy? You go girl! I want video. The most viral video ever.

The calls for him to resign are mostly based on this harassment stuff while he caused all this death? How bizarre.

Governor Andrew Cuomo contemplating sports' return to New York | amNewYork

One response to “Andrew Cuomo, naughty boy

  1. Several other governors did the same thing as Cuomo, but they aren’t a threat to Kamala Harris. Democrats are throwing Cuomo under the bus because Kamala needs him out of the way as a competitor when she runs for president in 2024. I would suggest that California’s Newsom will also be a casualty of Kamala’s politics as Democrats appear to be doing precious little to help ol’ Gavin in his election recall fight.

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