From April 2020 Smithsonian Magazine

Weaponizing Weather

“Operation Popeye” was a classified U.S. program that deployed cloud-seeding during the Vietnam War. The aim was to hinder North Vietnamese troops and suppress anti-aircraft fire. Whether the program worked remains in question. But after it became public in 1972, it prompted a congressional investigation and, eventually a United Nations treaty forbidding military action intended to cause “earthquakes, tsunamis [or] changes in weather patterns.”

Well this is great. Bombs are fine but don’t go seeding clouds. The program could have had huge benefits for society except for the fact that there are still going to be politicians and national governments, which cause more famine than any drought.

Doesn’t the U.N. treaty show that war is a game played by our so-called leaders, and we are mere disposable pieces on a chess board? If a threat is real, all rules would go out the window. The so-called threats are only inspiration to prop-up an economy based on a death culture.

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