Divide and Conquer

Boy, are we ever polarized. And it’s no wonder. I was interested in the protest/riot in Tacoma January 25 because I used to hang out in Seattle and have a friend there who put me up when I got all four wisdom teeth yanked out at the university for $52. That’s another story.

The cops were called when people (no wait, it was cars) were doing doughnuts and burnouts in downtown Tacoma. About a hundred people surrounded the cop car and pounded on the hood and windows. The cop inside feared for his life and ran his siren in an attempt to clear a path for his escape. The crowd either didn’t hear it or decided it didn’t apply to them. So he just drove on out, running over a guy. Miraculously, it turns out no one was seriously hurt.

Of course the peaceful protesters of Antifa showed up to promote justice. I guess they were too late to stop the reckless driving.

The first story I read on this came from Jason Rantz, a talk show host in Seattle who infiltrated the Antifa crowd to get the straight story. He said he saw about 150 black clad Antifa gather at the intersection and build a fire in the middle of the street using trash bins and street signs.

Then they marched. Using weapons they brought such as pipes and crowbars, they smashed storefronts and car windows. They tried to tear a fence down at a jail to release prisoners and failed. They chanted to residents to come join them. The locals were having nothing of it. The police didn’t show up until the rioters were getting tired or bored.

The other side of the story was written by Taylor Ardrey of Business Insider. Ardrey wrote that Tavon Williams, who was of the cop car mob told CNN he is “forever scarred.” There was no mention of the marching and rioting.

If you happened upon Fox, who carried Jason Rantz’s account, you would get one story. If you read the Business Insider story, you would think there were some harmless doughnuts and a cop running over people. A few family businesses don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to Chuck Schumer’s “Temple of our democracy,” eh? (meaning the US Capitol)

I emailed Taylor Ardrey and asked, “Were you there?” I have not heard back. Jason Rantz said he was there. In fact he recognized an activist journalist who tweeted that he was there recording the crowds. I called Rantz’s radio station to ask if I could use a photo of him and he spoke to me.

What all this says is that whatever the source, our opinions are not formed by unbiased news. Our votes then follow. What do we know to be true? For public policy to be guided by a vote is stupid. It should be guided by rules made by cool heads in quiet times.

Every departure from the principle of individual sovereignty has had unforeseen consequences that led to more policy changes to correct those mistakes and on and on. The only thing these policies based on votes by a malleable public do is provide more problems for politicians to promise to fix.

And when they fix them Peter is robbed to pay Paul. Peter is resentful. Paul is emboldened. We are further polarized and divided, and vulnerable to exploitation.

One response to “Divide and Conquer

  1. Fritz, you wrote, “For public policy to be guided by a vote is stupid. It should be guided by rules made by cool heads in quiet times.”

    Good luck with that, Fritz. Ever hear the idiom, “never let a crisis go to waste”? Leftists are masters at using that sentiment to tremendous advantage. Republicans/conservatives act as though they’ve never heard of, or don’t understand, the expression.

    For example, we have the Hollywood-like creation of the purposely staged and intentionally allowed false-flag coup at the Capitol on January 6th. I have no doubt that the entire situation was planned in advance to assure that Biden would be the “selected” or “installed” president, while the members of Congress could pretend to be fearful for their lives.

    The police opened-wide the Capitol entrance barriers and led both legitimate and criminal protesters inside the Capitol building, allowed them to remain there, and all while doing nothing but brutally murdering one innocent woman. The cowardly Congress was shuttled into safe places to hide until enough pictures and video could be taken, and enough facial recognition could be gathered so that the desired Trump supporters could be gathered up and jailed while others would walk free. This was the plot and now the scene is set. The feigned “indignant” Congress got everything they wanted out of this directed production. And Amerika now has The Domestic Terrorism Act. The only “heads in quiet times” were those who planned the January 6th Capitol encroachment well in advance.

    And no Republican pushback, of course — the go along to get along Party. This is the way most laws and regulations to control the citizenry are originated. The American populace never wises-up to how they are being played over and over and over again.

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