How We Get to the Future

January 14, 2021

In the news today: Iowa CCI (Citizens for Community Improvement) gathered inside the Iowa State Capitol. We have to be thankful that people are welcome inside our State Capitol Building. One of their demands was a moratorium on rent payments until the end of 2021. Here is a perfect example of ignorant people who have no idea how a peaceful society can operate through self-ownership and individual rights. In spite of that they get a voice. If you are confused about why I say this, consider the landlord.

The landlord worked and saved to purchase the property. He (this is not the U.S. House of Representatives so I can say “he” instead of “it”) pays taxes and maintains the property. The renter has a simple relationship with the property. He calls the landlord when any of the infrastructure fails (no heat, no water, no electricity). Basically, Iowa CCI thinks the landlord should be a slave. If he were black, would that change things?

In photos of the Capitol in Washington I see a guy carrying a confederate flag and a guy dressed up as if for Halloween, both among undisturbed paintings and sculptures. There was one photo of some idiot carrying Nancy Pelosi’s $1,000 lectern. A $1,000 lectern illustrates that our rulers have not made progress from the extravagant royalty that our forefathers rebelled against in 1776. “People are hurting” and Mrs. Pelosi uses a $1,000 book stand?

What’s with these “insurrectionists, thugs, and dangers to our democracy” that they don’t know how to start a fire? All summer long public and private property has been destroyed by social justice warriors and you’d think those events were like Ground Hog Day. But now, decades-long laws about voting procedures were broken and people who question the results are labeled anti-democracy.

I am the last person on earth who would be infected with Trump Adoration Syndrome. A lifelong Democrat gets elected president as a Republican, then leaves office after one term with the Senate, the House, and the presidency all in the hands of Democrats. There is something fishy here. The established order was under threat so election officials changed the rules.

In looking for what could have prevented the chaos in the last election, two things are obvious.

Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard’s bill, Securing America’s Elections Act of 2018 went nowhere because Republican and Democrat lawmakers don’t like evidence. It would have required paper ballots in federal elections. The other is the really big deal though. As Frederic Bastiat said, a proper government would make elections inconsequential. A proper government wouldn’t be up for auction through voting.

Votes are directly influenced by input received by the voters. Hitler won in a landslide. He controlled the media. I used to claim the government should keep its hands off the media in accordance with the First Amendment. Donald Trump tried to disarm the Communications Decency Act of 1996. It allowed tech companies to censor speech and absolved them of any liability (much the same as pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any deleterious effects from Covid-19 vaccines).

Tech companies are now part of the United States government. They have been operating that way for years around the world such as in the destruction of Syria and Libya, and now are doing the same thing here. The corruption of language makes the connection hazy but the effect is plain.

Trump pardoned a bunch of crooks and murderers but left real patriots to rot. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden were real journalists. Justice Hugo L. Black said, “… and paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people.”

The tech/media complex paints the present conflict as simply Trump versus anti- Trump. Where do we come in? People ask, “Where do you stand?” My category does not exist. I’m anti-democracy. The reason elections are now so important is because they are vehicles of legalized theft. Legal seems good, right? Put that in perspective by considering what was legal in Zimbabwe, 1930s Germany, or Ukraine in 1932.

Those events were promoted for the common good, as were the events in U.S. cities last summer and Portland even today. “Democracy” and “anti-fascism” were rallying cries. Democracy is anti-minority by definition. Fascism, by Mussolini’s definition is an alliance of state and private interests.

What we are seeing today is Fascism. The goal of the rulers is to enslave us. Look around. There are $1,000 lecterns and $20,000 medals of freedom. Is that wealth available to “the people?” The erasure of history and silencing of dissent going on now will ensure mediocrity and poverty for our children and grandchildren.

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