A Duty to Read

Mr. Trump is certainly a wild and crazy guy. Two thousand dollars apiece is still not enough. Why stop there? In this world where we are willing to destroy our childrens’ futures and call it compassion (people are hurting), anything goes.

At first when I heard Trump wanted to give (or have Santa give) each of us $2,000 I thought he was kidding. But anyone who can declare bankruptcy five times and get elected president proves that the cream does not rise to the top. The top is where the scum is and it’s pretty crowded. Or, is Trump trying to educate us on the stupidity of legalized theft? The minimum wage follows the same philosophy, an arbitrary declaration of how much liberty is to be sacrificed for a guess at fairness. If a minimum wage of $15 suits the millionaires’ utopian vision, why not $100? Fifty dollar hamburgers anyone?

Anyone who has voted for Charles Grassley or Joni Ernst on the grounds of fiscal responsibility should be comfortable with what went on just north of us last month. There was fifty acres of grass in the Conservation Reserve Program. The contract expired and the land was sold. I came out of the house and looked north to find it on fire and a giant disk was murdering all life that had been thriving there for the last twenty years or so.

I asked the new owner what they planned for the land. He said “organic soybeans.” “Organic” is supposedly morally superior to chemically dependent farming. There was this extremely rare ecosystem, a refuge for God’s creatures. The disk releases vast quantities of carbon (theoretically responsible for “climate change”) to the atmosphere and most soil life is destroyed. Morally superior? I doubt it. On top of that, he asks, “What about that river, does it flood?” I told him only 37 out of the last 40 years. He bought 50 acres without knowing it floods too often to profit from growing crops. Only government central planning (tax breaks in this case) could produce such illogical waste.

A logical use of that land would have been grazing (or maybe haying) the usually good grass with the option of moving the cattle out of the inevitable flood. But nowadays lawyers and accountants make more profitable farmers than producers of food.

Various lobbies had produced tax policies that made illogical land use justified in the same way the insane Covid relief bill benefits lobbyists instead of people.

The Smithsonian received a billion dollars from that program. We have a subscription to the magazine and there was an article about indigenous people in Southeast Alaska. They have a concept “ …that not only honors one’s ancestors but takes care to be responsible to future generations.” Future generations are being impoverished by these reckless attempts at correcting these fascistic decrees as a feeble attempt to stop a virus.

But let’s not stop there. Egypt is to receive $1,300,000,000. Show me the American who wants to give Egyptians $1.3 billion. We gave an Egyptian some money once for a pretty neat little ottoman that we stuffed with kapok from my father-in-law’s old mattress he had in World War II (two). We thought it was a fair exchange.

We’ve arrived at this point through interpretations of precedent by courts through the years. Judges no longer go back and read the original design, they just look at the most recent decisions that, like the telephone game, have expanded the limits of government over the years.

We no longer look for mutual beneficiaries for our financial dealings. We are addicted to “seeking funding,” which means finding the best way to steal. H.R. 133 is 5,593 pages long. As I looked through the list of thieves who voted for the bill I noticed that outgoing Congressman, Steve King didn’t vote on it. I mentioned that to Dawn. She said, “Maybe he hasn’t finished reading it.”

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