There was no way to copy the article so…

… it doesn’t really matter anyway. I don’t think it is a total waste of time to reach out to leftists. I was one at one time. Here is a note I just sent to the author of a story about a guy confessing to stealing and burning a Black Lives Matter banner:

Dear Mr./Ms. Ardrey,
Interesting take on the Proud Boys and BLM. As a journalist it might be good if you refer to BLM as a far left hate group if you call the Proud Boys a far right hate group. So far, I haven’t seen the news about far right hate groups looting stores and burning their neighborhoods. Am I missing something? I’m coming from a position of knowing what Marxism requires as compared to capitalism. The first can’t exist without violence. The second depends on mutual consent and violence only enters the picture as an enforcement measure to restrict force or fraud. Look into these things if you truly have a desire for a peaceful and orderly society for all of us. 
Thanks, Fritz Groszkruger

2 responses to “There was no way to copy the article so…

  1. Do you believe a leftist philosophy back in your day is the same as the leftist philosophy of today? I think you compare apples to oranges.

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