One response to “Ha! Sorta like Ron Paul.

  1. If you’ve watched Ron Paul’s, The Liberty Report with Daniel McAdams then you will conclude that Dr. Paul has reached his sell-by date. I can see why his libertarianism preaching never caught-on. He is a master of the understatement in that he seems to be unable to make a focused point that his audience will remember. Also, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt with Dr. Paul, no matter how degenerate the person might be or how wrong-headed. He comes across as an overly kindly old man who views the world as everyone means well, they are just a bit misguided. Nothing wrong with libertarian ideas, even though they can never work in a society with 330 million people of multicultural descents, but Dr. Paul should not be the primary spokesperson for libertarian ideas, at least not at this point his Dr. Paul’s life.

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