Go Bridegrooms

We finally got to watch some of the World Series through a trial membership in YouTube TV.

I’ve really missed watching baseball the last few years. But the rest of TV is such a wasteland we couldn’t bring ourselves to drop other stuff to facilitate my craving.

I was eight years old when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. Dad and I went to see them at The Coliseum, a football stadium. They had a huge screen in left field because a homer would come at only 250 feet. We later saw Sandy Kofax pitch a no-hitter at Chavez Ravine, their brand new ballpark.

A big part of watching a baseball game has always been the commentary by veteran players and long-time announcers who make it their business to inform us of the parts of baseball we don’t have time to study. Vin Scully’s poetry spoiled me.

There was hardly anyone at the Series because Major League Baseball (MLB) wants to appear to care about our health. Knowing that the sound of the fans is a big part of the experience, they made fake crowd noise. Dawn and I couldn’t talk without turning down the sound or yelling if we had it turned up enough to hear the announcers. Engineers trying to manage the unmanageable.

If the MLB really cared about our health instead of simply appearing to, they wouldn’t have had a Series at all. Justin Turner, the Dodger third baseman, was pulled from the game because of a positive Covid-19 test in the 8th inning. He might eventually draw a suspension for his violation of CDC protocol. At the same game, Dodger bigwigs including Magic Johnson, were shown palling around close to each other with no masks and Magic has HIV. As we listen to the statistics each day Covid-19 deaths are called “Covid-related.” Those deaths are admittedly not solely Covid-19 deaths. They have what’s called co-morbidities, HIV being a prime example.

The fake crowd noise is only the tip of the iceberg in a world where there is hardly anything real anymore. It was reported the other day in the Wall Street Journal that the tariffs against China did enough harm to small businesses to negate any expansion of U.S. businesses favored by the tariffs. The fake economy didn’t achieve any of its stated goals, only propped up the ones with the best lobbyists. Fake relationships are unmanageable.

This makes me think of the overall condition of our society. The rioting in L.A. after the Dodger win is indicative of a decline that began with the institution of the fake family. A traditional family would be fathers and mothers caring for their kids who later care for their parents. Forced public schooling and Social Security replaced that. The values that produced a self-regulating, peaceful relationship between individuals were replaced by the state, whose sole method of regulation is force.

As I watched those two ballgames, I saw love. There was no taunting, no flamboyant celebrations. I could feel the respect. The players and managers gave me hope that baseball could once again reflect our world. The original Brooklyn team, The Bridgrooms, in 1888 were so named because six of the players wed that season. I like the term Bridegroom more than the present Dodgers. A bridgroom commits to be responsible. A dodger sounds like he’s dodging responsibility.

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