3 responses to “Do the math

  1. I’ve tried to find those overall death stats for a long time. Sardi got it done and it looks indisputable. Accusations are one thing but when the enemy reveals evidence of its own failings, well there you go. Still, we see these sheep in their cars with masks on, CDC admitting long term airborne contagion which a mask would have no effect on (!). That is if there is such a thing as you point out.

    • CDC also admits they have no Covid-19 isolates. That means a virus has never been isolated, never been purified, never been cultured, never been animal or human tested to see if the cultured virus truly makes people/animals (e.g. chimps) sick. It is all a sham, an experiment to determine how obedient the populous will be when the “new norms” are really here and implemented.

      On other comment, CDC numbers on the Covid “cases” and deaths are so manipulated , even contrived, can any reports from them (past or present) be accepted as meaningful. Seasonal flu and cold historic reporting, for example. Can they be accurate? Or are they also contrived in aid of the flu-shot and vaccine industry? Should we be suspicious of the current CDC data which has been shown to be mostly a fiction, but not be suspicious of CDC data from the past? No autopsies are performed in confirmation of data provided to, or dreamed-up by, the CDC. And autopsies of alleged Covid-19 deaths are verboten.

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