We got more fire starter in the mail today. Seems kinda expensive, though. The most important election in history is upon us. Can you feel the hate? At least there is some distraction from “covid related death counts.”I’m not a terribly public person religiously. But I just thought it worth a mention that the new nominee to the Supreme Court’s most important flaw is that she is religious. Now, I’ve looked at religion as a cult sometimes myself. That places a value judgement on it, likening it to Jonestown. I think that’s wrong. A cult could simply be a group of like-minded people. It’s good to seek out diverse acquaintances, but familiar faces also make us happy and productive. Human sacrifice violates human rights. Religion that advocates that … bad. I don’t see where Amy Barrett’s religious views violate rights, just the opposite..

One response to “Amy

  1. Religions that grow out of the cult stage (beyond a handful of people) become a business, rather like a charity. I’m sure you’ve heard the admonition that if an individual wants to become monetarily wealthy, start a charity or a religion.

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