More Important Than the “Debate”

Tuesday night when I tucked Dawn in for the night my first words were, “I’m sorry.” I was sorry she had to suffer through the least funny comedy routine ever produced.

I hadn’t watched a campaign debate since Al Gore “debated” Dick Cheney as vice presidential candidates. I just prefer to read. The important issues are passed over in favor of childish name calling that is an insult to the intelligence of the audience.

Donald Trump interrupting and carrying on was like he was trying so hard not to swear, he forgot the subject. Joe Biden was a perfect example of ineptness yet greatness at forgetting the subject. Chris Wallace; did he get paid for that?

It’s an accidental conspiracy, getting lost in the conversation so that the important issues are glossed over and forgotten.

Forgotten is the Tenth Amendment and Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution, obliterated by tantrums of large children.

Take the gas car ban in California. Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered that no new gas or diesel powered cars can be sold in California beginning in 2035.

– It is correct to question mandating what people can buy and produce.

– It is correct to question how power will be supplied to all these cars when California can’t keep up with demand for electricity with only 6% of their cars now being electric.

– It is okay to question whether a state with a legislature of elected representatives should tolerate an executive branch that acts like a monarchy.

All these things are legitimate concerns. But buried in the story is the speculation about the nomination of a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If it makes the Supreme Court solidly conservative, they say, then Trump’s EPA will prevail in overriding California’s emissions rules.

Let’s get something straight. On the so-called conservative side we constantly hear about the Constitution. We hear the nominee to the court should be a “constructionist” or an “originalist.” Why would an originalist uphold an EPA override of the rules of a state? Is it that the Bush legacy of an oil based economy prevails and would be hurt by a mass exodus to electric cars? As California goes, so goes the nation. Or are they posing as trying to save us from a threat to a logical supply and demand economy?

The problems with Newsom’s order are so obvious and numerous that it would seem unnecessary for the federal government to intervene. All the problems that anyone cites across these once united, yet independent states, are rooted in a transfer of power from the states to the central government. The risks and bad policy are more likely to occur because the central government is always there to steal from the careful and give to the careless.

The Electoral College along with the parts of the Constitution mentioned above should allow states to make mistakes without dragging down the rest of us. With the President taking responsibility for California’s seemingly crazy affairs, he’s involving the less crazy among us. But nobody pays attention because of all the noise from the trivial schoolyard banter.

Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis said it best in 1932:

“ It is one of the happy incidents of the federal system that a single courageous state may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.”

Kings are not elected. They are chosen. The fog of the chatter hides this fact. There must be some explanation for the inconsistencies.

One response to “More Important Than the “Debate”

  1. The Debate —

    Trump clearly insulted his supporters by showing-up for the debate as a completely unprepared candidate. His typical haughtiness and arrogance came across as a candidate who was there to intimidate his opponent, not inform the audience on his positions regarding the issues. When it was clear that the intimidation wasn’t going to work, Trump was left with responding to the (mostly asinine) statements made by Biden.

    And the always imperious Chris Wallace was there to make sure Biden stayed on script and to keep the format and questions as all softballs in an effort to buttress Biden.

    People don’t vote based on what candidates say but how they say what they say. What Trump did last night was to project competence and strength. While all Biden could do was mumble about raising taxes and being fearful of more COVID-19. The boisterous interruptions by Trump were more defensive than offensive, as his unpreparedness, combined with an obviously biased pro-Biden moderator, weren’t going to allow Trump to articulate his positions on the issues.

    All the talk about decorum and shouting over each other is irrelevant. Decorum is for dinner parties. People tune in to the debates to decide who will lead them not who will play by some arbitrary set of rules. And the more Chris Wallace tried to put Trump in his place, the more obvious it was to everyone watching that this was not a level playing field.

    TV ratings will determine if anymore debates occur. Compared to the 2016 debates, this debate was a ratings failure, for instance:

    The first presidential debate of 2020 was widely panned by most observers — and is on track to draw a far smaller audience than the record-setting first debate four years ago.

    Fast national ratings for the broadcast networks show the debate gathering 28.82 million viewers across ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox — a decline of 36 percent from 2016. Four years ago, the big four networks tallied 45.3 million viewers in the preliminary ratings, rising to 49.33 million after time zone adjustments for the live broadcast. [As per “The Hollywood Reporter]

    Also, a pre-debate CBS News poll found the following:

    CBS News Poll
    September 29, 2020
    CBS NEWS BATTLEGROUND TRACKER The First Debate: Voters who plan to watch are tuning in to root for their candidate to see how they do. CBS News surveyed a representative group of likely voters who say they plan to watch tonight.

    73% intended to view the debate just to see how “my” candidate would do.
    Doesn’t this poll and post-debate ratings sag suggest that a high number of people have already made-up their minds regarding for whom they will vote?
    Unfortunately, the outcome of this election is a foregone conclusion: The Deep State has won and “we the people” have lost.

    Total control of information related to the fraud pandemic propaganda is another example of who runs America.

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