Take Your Vitamin D

Karl and I had reservations to fly to California to see family… until last night. The airline texted that the flights were canceled. So that’s on my mind right now.

The weeds won’t get ahead in the garden. It will look like an operating room in its sterility. The warming of the earth will be slowed somewhat because my hoe won’t create as many greenhouse gasses as a jet plane. Absence will make the heart grow fonder; I’ll love our kids, aunt and cousin even more. “Love is Good” as Hans so aptly put it in Bible school.

The pedophiles and perverts of the TSA will undoubtedly still be standing around, thankful that the Supreme Court makes exceptions for emergencies so they can scoff at the Fourth Amendment. I remember flying out of Mason City on our way to see those guys years ago. The TSA folks were playing with the toy Oliver tractor we were taking to our grandson, Oliver. We were paying them to do this, but unlike other compliant passengers I didn’t think, “This is the price of freedom.” I didn’t need any trouble. Except for the Nazis at the airport, flying is a blast.

In a world where the media seems to think there are no individuals left, I look forward to being imprisoned next to one on an airplane for a couple of hours. There is so much to learn from a perfect stranger who has led a life in an entirely different world than my own. And yet, when we find a fellow traveler with similar interests and experiences, a bond is formed.

These things constantly remind us of our real relationships with fellow humans and yet the big picture tells me … for example: I was talking to a neighbor about popcorn. We are both growing some yellow and some multi-colored that is an Indian heirloom called Cherokee. I said, “The yellow is down by the cattle shed and that’s the colored over there.” I immediately thought “Oops, I said colored.” No kidding, the quest for advertising dollars has turned the world insane. Me too. Incidentally, is it okay for me to appropriate the phrase “me too” from the “Me Too” movement? I should have checked.

With the English language already testing the boundaries of logic, the classification of each of us as nothing more than the member of a group, has put sequential turbos on it and turned up the boost.

In a detailed story from the Wall Street Journal yesterday was the fact that people with dark skin are more likely to get or die from Covid-19. The conclusion the author came to was that oppression of darker people was to blame. Nowhere noted in the article was the scientifically proven fact that darker skin inhibits formation of Vitamin D, and Vitamin D is essential in fighting all kinds of health problems.

So the Journal has joined ranks with the rest of the media in promoting ideas that perpetuate problems instead of solving them. Yes, it does have to do with classifications or groups but that knowledge is not used productively. It is used to transfer wealth and power. I’m not discounting the disadvantages of minorities, but when a Vitamin D supplement could replace all kinds of hatred and allow people to be healthy and part of a loving humanity, to omit that aspect, is a lie.

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