A Setback for Civil Rights

Here at home, we got 4 1/2″ of rain and the cows are eating grass soup, swimming from one part of the pasture to the next. I saw a 3 day old calf swim 200 feet following its mom to higher ground.We’ve learned to trust these stupid animals as they continually teach us 1) they are smarter than we are, 2) leaving things alone works really well.

More heavy rain predicted tonight. It’s hard not to worry as there are more pregnant cows out there.
Another ridiculous news item I want to mention while you are here. Big spike in Covid-19 cases. Big spike in testing. See a correlation? Where’s the big spike in fatalities?
“A nation of sheep” seems wildly optimistic.
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I lost two good friends recently. Jerry Crew, the conservative cold warrior who flew 360 missions in an SR-71 Blackbird. He was willing to freely discuss issues we disagreed on!. His legacy to me was his annual proposal at the conservation convention to cut off farm payments to anyone who tilled the soil.
Harold Hopp was a retired history teacher who wrote anti-war letters to the editor. I could never get it through his head that FDR was a war-monger.

A Setback for Civil Rights

I’ve always thought it was just Rhode Island. But the news says that they are now changing the state’s name to Rhode Island from “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (as on state documents).” The word “plantations” is offensive.

I have a pound of Land o’ Lakes butter in the freezer. They are taking the Indian lady off the label. I think I’ll go buy some Aunt Jemima syrup and some Uncle Ben’s rice too. I always thought those labels were used to indicate quality.

My wife and fantastic proofreader Dawn, has a distant relation who fought for The Union in the Civil War. In San Francisco a mob tore his statue down and defaced the pedestal. Ulysses S. Grant had owned a slave briefly who he acquired through his marriage, but fought on the side the protesters are claiming.

Are these protesters actually for equalizing opportunities for Blacks, or is it something else?

Have you ever seen a young child kicking and screaming on the floor having a tantrum and he doesn’t even know why anymore?

In Minneapolis 1,500 businesses were destroyed or looted following the death of George Floyd. These businesses served the community. I watched a video that a Black lady made while perusing the damage to the local grocery store. She was just sick at the waste created by people (?) supposedly concerned about police brutality and racism. She noted that the fruits and vegetables were not taken, which should be an indicator of these peoples’ (?) concern for their own health, a natural result of their Marxist Utopian ideology.

Fifteen hundred businesses across the Twin Cities now have owners who have decisions to make; rebuild, expand? Why? Many of these businesses were owned by immigrants who had scrimped and saved for years to make a dream come true.

These business owners had a different view of the world than most people today. Corn farmers want government rules to guarantee them a profit through ethanol sales. The 1964 Civil Rights Act took away a business owners’ right to choose customers. There is widespread acceptance that government can manage the economy better than personal choices. Did these protesters think the government could wave a magic wand and have the Peruvian restaurant and grocery store poof into existence again?

Apparently that belief is alive and well. In Seattle, the city council voted for a law that requires food delivery businesses to give “premium pay” to gig workers without raising fees, and the businesses are prohibited from closing or moving away.

We’ve come full circle. One hundred fifty years ago we had legal slavery in this country, not that we had anything to do with it. Now the Seattle City Council has brought it back. Where are the protesters? What monuments will be torn down 150 years from now to erase the history being made today?

All this turmoil has been triggered by a lie. George Floyd’s blood tests indicated a Fentanyl concentration three times the fatal dose. A knee on the side of the neck does not restrict breathing.

Sensational and untrustworthy news coverage has set back the civil rights movement and promoted polarization, not equal opportunity.

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