Brewery layoffs in Germany

German authorities are despondent at the prospect of lost revenue as 9,500 U.S. servicemen are leaving their country.

Trump will prolly offer aid to the Germans to compensate them for the lost brewery jobs. I’m glad my good friend Roger was there to buy his Carmen Ghia before this disaster hit.

If these draconian measures continue Americans may accually get to invest more of their earnings here in the USA. Will the Russians run Germany more efficiently than Merkel and friends?

Astronauts return to Earth, Angela Merkel drinks a beer and Oscars ...

One response to “Brewery layoffs in Germany

  1. I once spent many weeks inside German commercial bakeries. One could buy beer at any time from vending machines..Having a beer while working or at lunch — just ordinary life. Same was true for other European countries, like Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, etc. A beer to the Germans is like a glass of water to Americans. It was fun working when you were half-blitzed all the time, having not grown-up on a beer diet.

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