3 responses to “Socialism in Ukraine

  1. I think it was Dilorenzo who stated recently that the real definition of fascism is private ownership but control by government. I asked via email years ago what some email acquaintances thought fascism was and almost universally they thought it was brute force. Didn’t Mussolini coin the term?
    Anyway, it seems like the new definition detracts from what the real definition is, and its dangers.
    The photo of Elon Musk rejoicing on his welfare launch embodies fascism better than a cop gone crazy.
    I do find it thought provoking (well, it should be) that Iranians and Chinese are pointing out the hypocrisy that Americans express in denouncing their countries.

  2. The conflated definition has been effectively divorced from exclusively economic in nature and used by the media to convince all who hear or read the word to think only in terms of individual or group behavior. It no longer is a description of a type of economy controlled by the government or by an autocracy.

    Wikipedia defines it as: “A form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy.” Only one reference to a form of government economy at the end of the definition.

    I’ve read one person’s opinion that socialism only exists today in two countries, Cuba and North Korea. All other countries, including the USA, are fascist in terms of economics. I would agree.

    As to Elon Musk, the people of the USA get what they tolerate. We tolerate a government that provides businesses taxpayer money and heads of businesses large incomes and all with no serious oversight. Congress goes along owing to the money being spent (aka, “invested”) in their districts and ostensibly providing jobs, tax revenue, and notoriety (to the congressperson). I can’t blame Elon for taking advantage of what we offer him. If he invests it for the benefit of American society, okay. We can argue, however, as to whether electric-powered vehicles are correct for the times or if objectives like moon landings (assuming they actually occurred) or trips to Mars are of any benefit (my view is that NASA and space exploration should die a quick death and reside on the proverbial ash heap of history, and with no efficient, small-scale energy storage methods, electric-powered vehicles are more costly and with greater CO2 contributions than an internal combustion engine).

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