Real numbers

Let’s get real about decisions and facts. We are seeing increased social problems associated with anti-social distancing. And this is directly caused by media seeking ad revenue through increased viewers because of boredom and the closure of most economic and social activity.

That is the cost. Here is evidence that the crisis is unnecessary (linked from

One response to “Real numbers

  1. Yes, but even these six deaths can’t be affirmatively blamed on Covid-19 — if that specific virus even exists. Covid-19 has never been “purified” in a laboratory. That means that the specific SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been completely isolated away from other extraneous bacteria/viral/RNA particles that will confuse any tests we currently use, like the much, and incorrectly, vaunted RT PRC test. If one has had a flu shot or been invaded by any other common cold viruses (aka “coronaviruses”) in the relatively recent past, then that person would likely test positive for Covid-19. All the RT PRC test does is identify that RNA particles might be present in the nasal passages or, from serological examinations, what anti-bodies to any coronavirus might exist. They still cannot pinpoint a specific Covid-19 genome/RNA particle.

    Writing of ad revenue, if Donald Trump is not re-elected in November, then CNN will cease to exist.

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