Elon Musk

First he produces stuff that would never exist without coerced funding from taxpayers. Then he refuses to keep his factory closed, thumbing his nose at the establishment.

Gotta love the guy!

Elon Musk smokes weed during interview - CNN Video

One response to “Elon Musk

  1. On the other hand, why castigate a guy who was sufficiently smart to take advantage of the largesse of a corrupt government, a guy who visualized opportunity when he realized that the same corrupt government’s long-term objective was to corral those living in city suburbs back into small areas of the city proper. At least Musk didn’t take the money and run — he’s built a manufacturing company that employs thousands (who pay taxes), along with SpaceX that provides rockets to the government’s wasteful objective of occupying Mars. He sees opportunity where others miss the boat. He also recognizes the false-flag focus on this fake pandemic for what it is, a government exercise in developing herd obedience among the electorate. It’s our scandalous government’s (aka politicians’) policies that should be the focus of criticism.

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