My favorite artist.

By the way, the owner of the sale barn just called and said all sales are postponed indefinitely. Cattle were down $10 when we sold last week and called down $10 to $15 this week. I suppose the sheeple will blame the virus. I blame the inept totalitarian fools running the government. The bright side; An inept enemy.


One response to “My favorite artist.

  1. Pictures/photos do not come through on my system. Maybe try “insert” rather than simply “copy.”

    Maybe the authoritarians in the government are not so inept. Look what they’ve managed to accomplish with a phony narrative about a common cold virus. Even governors and mayors are jumping on the bandwagon of tyranny. About 40 of them sacrificing their State’s and city economies in order to feel the power that’s accrued to them. Maybe these guys are the inept ones, in addition to the quack “experts” to whom Trump apparently listens.

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