Free Stuff For Your Isolated Nights

I hope you are weathering this crisis well. It is easy for us, being isolated on the farm anyway. We especially sympathize with the folks in the nursing homes where Dawn used to sing every month or so. They can’t even have visits from their loved ones (not that they don’t love Dawnie). I pray we get through this and the coming financial disaster.


Free Stuff For Your Isolated Nights

I was talking to our son, Hans about his son, Oliver. He said he has homework and it is really cool to see him learn to budget his time. As I remember, school was like prison, we moved at the bell and shut up most of the time. Now kids are learning how to live in the real world. It’s a beautiful thing. I talked to a kid working at McDonald’s just before they were shut down. He’s taking extra courses online to get a head start in college. The virus has some unintended consequences, good ones.

But in case you have some idle time between learning something of your choice there is plenty of free entertainment on YouTube. Here are some tested and approved choices from Fritz and Dawn:

First is the Oscar winning short, “Closed Mondays.” My friend Bob Gardiner was a pioneer in clay animation along with Will Vinton. I dearly miss fellow prankster Bob.

I remember watching “Car 54, Where Are You?” as a kid. Much to my delight, it is all on YouTube. Fred Gwynne later played Herman Munster but this is a way deeper and more thoughtful show. I’ve had people recommend TV shows to me lately. Well, not ’til I’m done here.

For music fans we sometimes witness exceptional performances. When I saw Van Morrison at The Fillmore he never turned to face the audience. Kinda weird. Search Van Morrison, “Into the Mystic.” This band has their act together and they love what they do. (6:52)

A music video of Jack Black singing “Love Lifted Me” from the movie Bernie is a treasure. (Actually, see the movie too.) Check out the guitar solo at 2:09! And… his mouth lights up at 3:24.

My Dawnie calls me a curmudgeon. She’s right and so am I. Movies from the past are better.

Rawhide” (1951) is not the TV show that gave Clint Eastwood his start. It is about a lady and a stagecoach stop worker held hostage by a criminal gang. I have no idea why it’s called Rawhide, but Jack Elam is somebody I’d cross the street to avoid.

Across the Bridge” (1957) is disturbing. But you can just be glad you didn’t embezzle a ton of cash and your perfect plan failed. The dog is so sweet. It doesn’t deserve these humans.

Never Let Go” (1960) is a British drama starring Peter Sellers as a nasty leader of a stolen car ring. Peter Sellers, a villain? It’s true.

Kiss of Death” (1947) was the debut film for Richard Widmark. He plays a villain, Tommy Udo. I have no idea how The Joker could out-do Tommy Udo as a villain. But “Kiss of Death” is free and at home.

Seventh Heaven” (1937) is Jimmy Stewart’s best film. He plays a sewer cleaner who moves up in the world. What is wrong with this world that I didn’t learn about this movie until last year? Not a crier? This will cure you of that! (Dawn’s pick.)

When all your chores are done and you’ve taken a walk on a deserted street, come in and savor these gems. I’ve done the work for you. Let me hear back with reviews please.

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