Conditions like these

Back in the old days, Dawn and I and the kids flew to Orange County Airport to see My mom. (Now it’s called John Wayne but I refuse to honor that jerk)

As we approached in the Santa Ana winds, the pilot went on the intercom and said, “… I’ve never flown in conditions like these” We had to circle out over the ocean to land into the wind. People were pretty freaked out.

I just read this by Walter E. Williams:

“By the way, locusts are not only a threat to crops; they threaten people in another way. In early January, a Boeing 737 on final landing approach to Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, found itself in the midst of a massive cloud of locusts swarming above the airport. The insects were sucked into the plane’s engines. Their bodies were splattered across the windshield blinding the pilots to the runway ahead. The Boeing 737 climbed above the swarm. The pilot depressurized the cabin so he could open the side window and reach around to clear the windshield by hand. Diverting to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, the pilot was able to land the plane safely.”

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