Trump may be the strangest poet but…

This should be music to any patriot’s ears:

Of course there will be dire predictions from addicts and enablers. That is to be expected. There dependencies were born of the aid. Withdrawals are never easy. Jan Mickelson used to say immediate gratification is s symptom of a society’s downfall. No American is restricted from helping those in need. But they shouldn’t be forced to do so. Not only is that morally wrong, but much more of the help is squandered.

The goal should be ZERO!

One response to “Trump may be the strangest poet but…

  1. Don’t get too excited. Spending on foreign aid for fiscal year 2019 was $39.2 billion, which is less than 1 percent of the federal budget. Likely the 21% cut represents a cut in the amount of INCREASE proposed for 2020. In other words, if the foreign aid spending increase for 2020 was supposed to increase by 6% ($2.35 billion) the 21% cut would amount to a mere $493.5 Million, or about 0.0113% of 2029 federal budget.

    The only people hollering, so far, are generals from the military. The military-security-industrial-financial-media-intelligence-congressional complex always have to receive more and more money.

    Lies and exaggerations are the lifeblood of the Trump administration.

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