Flight training in Florida

Doesn’t this sound familiar…. A Saudi in flight training is a murderer. But this time it is at a US military base.

Nobody gets fired in 2001 or now. The evil Saudi government is running our country and we are to be concerned about Iran?

Read this incredible article: https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/09/us/pensacola-navy-gunman-timeline/index.html#

One response to “Flight training in Florida

  1. What, pray tell, is “incredible” about this short report? This is not terrorism based on the gov’t. definition of terrorism as an attack against civilians, not other military personnel. The entire Saudi Population hates America and Americans with a deep and abiding bitterness. Every Saudi attending that Pensacola flight school would likely enjoy committing the same acts as this shooter. The U.S. breeds these Muslim mental cases with every invasion of a Middle East country. Ron Paul is absolutely correct that our incursions and aggressions in these countries results in these many and endless wars. Of course, they do serves to feed the ever-hungry defense/security/congressional industry complex. And, finally, Iran makes no political campaign donations to members of our Congress. But our Congress members depend on Saudi Arabia and Israel to keep the political campaigns solvent and active.

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