Letter to the Cedar Rapids Gazette defending Walter E. Williams

Here is the letter I am writing about:

I am amazed that there is a need to write this letter. The column by Walter Williams entitled, “Climate Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid?” in the November 21 edition of The Gazette was so full of reactionary, incorrect, and cherry-picked misinformation that I feel like we’ve taken several huge steps backward. With islands being permanently flooded, arctic glaciers losing hundreds of tons of ice each day, and people in the agriculture industry worldwide having to rethink how and what they grow, it is no longer defendable or even funny to deny that climate change is real, man-made, and demands immediate action.

Not confining his blame to scientists, Mr. Williams also accuses news reporters of spreading this ‘leftist’ agenda. Considering this column is only the latest in a long line of offensive and inappropriate spewing by Mr. Williams, isn’t time to rid the Insight page of his work?

Matt Brandt

Here is my letter:

Matt Brandt’s call to remove Walter Williams is misplaced and indicative of a tragic trend in our country.

Mr. Brandt, rather than wanting to silence Dr. Williams should address his points. The First Amendment only applies to government power, but The Gazette should be allowed to do with their content whatever they want. We should be thankful for that and welcome opposing views. Everyone has had the opportunity to change their mind at one time or another. That is how humans make progress.

I implore Mr. Brandt to dispute Dr. William’s “cherry picking” charge directed at IPCC graphs. I also would like to see where he found that the “leftists” did not say that climate change is an opportunity to promote a socialist agenda.

Let’s get together and have a civil discussion of the issues instead of calling for silencing opposing viewpoints.

Love, Fritz

Google Walter E. Williams and you will find his column on climate science.

One response to “Letter to the Cedar Rapids Gazette defending Walter E. Williams

  1. I’d like these “average joes” who believe in the AGW nonsense to explain exactly what genuine science is used to decide CO2 is driving climate change. The fact is, there is no genuine science involved.

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