Saving the Planet, Or Making a Buck?

Any reasonable person should be disgusted by rhetoric calling skeptics about government power regarding climate change “deniers.” So far, I have met no one who thinks the climate is static. It changes. It’s natural (everything is satisfactual). All the vilifying and name calling only add roadblocks to a difficult problem. I’ve got this weird hero (now dead, however), Rodney King, who said, “why can’t we all just get along?” To be lumped in with folks who say the Holocaust didn’t happen is plain stupid and not constructive at all.

Anyway, I hope Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs can help us find a common enemy and unite us for a cleaner and more peaceful world. It sure seems obvious that thieves should be enemies. And taking my tax money to buy a Tesla for a millionaire or a windmill for Warren Buffet can’t be called anything but thievery.
BTW, at the premier of their documentary that called out the green scams to a liberal audience they received a standing ovation.

Saving the Planet, Or Making a Buck?

I was reading Daily Kos the other day. For those who don’t know, the Daily Kos is a magazine whose readers would not be satisfied until Bill Gates shared cardboard by the Santa Ana River with a forgetful dope addict. They call themselves progressives. Equality is a worthy goal so I try to read all manner of opinions on how to get there.

Apparently a movie came out in August called “Planet of the Humans,” produced by Michael Moore. Conservatives love to hate Mr. Moore, in case you didn’t know. He’s famous for claiming medical care in Cuba is superior to ours in the U.S.

Jeff Gibbs directed the movie and learned some things. Alternative energy will not save us from climate change. Moore and Gibbs found that government subsidies and mandates attracted corporations and scam artists like a rotting carcass attracts flies. They found vast amounts of environmental damage associated with the projects the government (spurred on by green lobbies) promoted.

Once timbered, Lowell Mountain in Northern Vermont was left barren by the construction of a string of 450 foot tall windmills. Frequent visitors to the area were shocked at what was being done in the name of environmentalism.

The filmmakers attended public relations events touting renewable projects where the music appeared to be powered by solar panels. When they snuck around behind the tents they found gas powered generators. The promoters admitted solar was not enough.

They interviewed lots of “smiling white men” who turned awkward when confronted with evidence that their projects would have a slim to no chance of reducing CO2 emissions. Daily Kos and the filmmakers still assume CO2 is the villain in climate change. But they can’t get around their hatred of big business.

We can be thankful for that, as that hatred is what drove them to expose what a fraud the renewable energy industry is.

I don’t have a hatred of corporations, but I do of fraud. And when fraud is legal it is particularly hurtful. Not only is it touted as holy, the players parade around like saints. They are revered and we seek their advice while they are stabbing us in the back.

I looked into the numbers regarding renewable energy because I would like to see it work as well.

I found that wind power costs 10 times, and solar power costs 16 times as much as nuclear power. In order to retool the world to wind and solar, mining would have to triple. When the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing those forms of energy would have to be stored. While recharging batteries energy use doubles because storage and use have to go on at the same time.

I did a drawing while an art student in Oakland. It showed an actual scene looking down at Emeryville. Emeryville is a town that is mostly garbage filling San Francisco Bay. At the edge of Emeryville is a Sherwin Williams Paint factory with a huge sign rising above. It shows a can of paint being poured on the Earth and the slogan, “Cover the Earth.”

Essentially, we would have to cover the Earth with windmills and solar panels to approximate the lifestyles we enjoy today if we were to abandon God’s great gift of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the ultimate battery for storing solar power and they are right under our noses. Along with nuclear and the great strides made in the safe uses of them, we could let the snake-oil salesmen take their subsidized renewables to prison with them.

This is not a film by climate change deniers, this is a film by people who really care about the environment.” Jeff Gibbs said. Jeff is a long time environmentalist and documentary producer and could very well break new ground in making some progress toward new discussions of economic and environmental issues.

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