30 combine operators killed by Afghan drone strikes in Iowa.

Just kidding. But really, 30 pine nut harvesters were murdered by a US drone in Afghanistan yesterday. What a proud nation we must be. These people were considered expendable in the fight against IS, which never inflicted harm on any American in America.

What are borders for? Well, how about a definition of an area that a government can manage for the safety of its citizens. With that in mind, if you want taxpayers to provide you with protection, a perfectly reasonable assumption, stay home. If you want to risk life and limb in order to explore or exploit foreign lands, you are free to go.

This is the principle that is behind our pulled punches and unwinnable wars that these armchair dignitaries inflict on the rest of the world and then point to events arising from them as reason to aggress.

I suppose pine nut pickers are not as valuable as combine operators because those combines are worth a half a million bucks apiece. A man’s hands that picks pine nuts are only brown hunks of flesh, like an unborn baby.

Image result for afghan funeral farmers

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