Ha! As if it didn’t seem obvious, prices are rising.

With all the wonderful things that government does to help us through the day, inflation helps stimulate the economy. But as Margaret Thatcher said about socialism, “…the money runs out.” So it isn’t just Trump’s childish squabbles with China and everyone else… at our expense, it is money printing and endless regulation blooms.

The thing is, inflation causes us to overestimate our own wealth. It bolsters our love for the present administration and its partners in crime, congress and even the judiciary.

Low inflation, don’t believe it. Any of it. Government is the most destructive force on earth. Individuals don’t compare.

Tucker Carlson is being raked over the coals for stating that white supremacy as a threat is a hoax. They even say he is lying. What a joke. Tabulate the damage done by all our foreign wars, socialist programs and government intrusion in our personal and financial lives, and a few white supremacists don’t make a dent at all. Even mentioning them is more of a badge of honor to those creeps than a warning to the destruction of our culture.

Check this Bloomberg article:

One response to “Inflation

  1. So what if white supremacy abounds? Except for maybe Ashkenazi Jews, on a collective basis and based on every IQ test that has ever been undertaken, whites always come-out “supreme.” West Europeans and their ancestors are what made this country, indeed, made the civilized world. Eliminate the white population, which is a current objective of the envious and self-hating progressives, and human progress stops, with, also, no positive advancement in human culture.

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