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At 93, Pol Pots’s right hand man was a model citizen for the current crop of presidential candidates opposing wacko Donald Trump. If it’s equality you want look toward this role model. He didn’t just mouth utopian dreams he did something about it. One quarter of Cambodia’s population was eliminated through starvation, disease, overwork, and executions. We hear a lot about do-nothing politicians. This guy was the opposite. If you were educated or successful, you were not equal. Here, of course, you could be a celebrity or on some other elitist plane to escape the carnage. I don’t imagine Kevin Costner would be subject to the equality project the same as Charles Koch or Steve King.

BTW, the Khmer Rouge gained traction only because genocidal policies of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger created the opening.  Something to seriously consider when thinking of policies of Wacko Donald and the 20 or so alternatives. China and the Middle East are bigger than Cambodia.

Nuon Chea, rest in…

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  1. We’ve already laid waste (aka, literally destroyed) to much of the Middle East at the behest of Israel. Israel has no interest in China, at least at this point in time. Thus, America, with a foreign policy dictated by Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson, will continue to focus on the M.E., with a diversion directed at Russia for the sake of the military/security/congressional industrial complex. Trump, with his macho man antics, has gotten himself in way over his head with the trade war initiated against China. This has now become a nuisance and I bet that Netanyahu is mad as hell that attention is diverted away from more M.E. destruction, especially Iranian destruction.

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