Do You Remember Clifford?

A story in the Hampton paper yesterday was about the expanded role the school will play in detecting and treating concussions. Of course, anyone with a fully developed brain would prefer avoiding them.

I was carrying a hub out to a grain wagon and I didn’t see the corner that stuck out and smacked me in the head. (Well, I smacked it!) That concussion was no fun. I found out what a bad headache was like.

Almost twenty years ago we weren’t fully aware of the ramifications of concussions and sports. But our kids were not brutes and fit better in “the arts” than sports. Hans worked his blahblah off on trumpet and even went to college for it (soon to find a little fish in the big sea had to compete with others who had natural talent and hard work in their favor. (Another example of a change of course in an unutilized college education)

Leon Kuehner, Hans’ band director, had him playing “I Remember Clifford” and I can’t think of a more beautiful and heartfelt trumpet performance.

Brown died young in a car wreck (another reason to ban cars, keeping with ridiculously overarched government precedent).

Jazz on the tube featured this video, the only one known of Clifford Brown. His influence on jazz improvisation is beyond measurement.

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