Joe Biden!

Does anyone see the irony? First I noticed Joe’s slick mobster hairdo. The article in Time was about what the Democrats will do with a hair sniffer. I look at it as further evidence of  distorted priorities. Sick and extremely distorted morally depraved priorities.

Behind Joe stands Janet Reno, who ordered the immolation of 76 Branch Davidians in Waco as a sacrifice to the mediocrity God. She said it was because they were abusing children. There was no evidence, and what evidence there might have been was incinerated.

If he sniffs your hair, ask him not to. If he continues, wuhp him upside the head. Make it public so less affectionate people can avoid him. What the hell is the point of covering it up? Of uncovering it four years later?

The big question, Isn’t there something more important than all this sexual harassment, bigotry, racism, homofoibalism stuff. Like maybe mass murder by your blessed government?

A presidential campaign would spotlight Biden’s record on gender issues, from the Anita Hill hearings in 1991, to his introduction of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (pictured), to his tactile tendencies, as in a 2012 campaign stop at a Seaman, Ohio, diner

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