A basic misunderstanding

Here we are in a nation of two types of people, those who throw up their hands, at hopeless ignorance and those shaped by the evil falsehoods taught at university.

In the NYT is an article about homeless people (sorta) making a living picking through rich folks’ trash. It includes this quote, pointing out the new definition of capitalism as a system intended to keep the poor poor and maintain lavish lifestyles at their expense:

“But trash scavengers exist in many United States cities and, like the rampant homelessness in San Francisco, are a signpost of the extremes of American capitalism. A snapshot from 2019: One of the world’s richest men and a trash picker, living a few minutes’ walk from each other.”

Capitalism creates opportunity, not exploitation. Like in the design of modern tractors and electronic devices, intelligence seems to cycle, coming full circle and arriving at idiocy.

Is it idiocy that explains such a distorted view of capitalism? Do these rich folks throw away working appliances with the thought that this underground economy of trash pickers will rescue them from the landfill?








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