campaign promise fulfilled?

Ha! The MSM is overflowing with national (meaning government) security experts whining and crying about the resurgence of ISIS because US troops will be ordered to murder fewer Middle Easterners. What a joke. Every person (yes they are people) killed by US troops or bombs have family and friends who then become our enemy.

The real deal with these shysters is that they are out of a job (a job that shouldn’t be done). It does nothing for national security, I mean the security of US citizens, to traipse all over “seeking demons to destroy.” It is truly a make work big government boondoggle. I voted for Trump because he said our ME policy was insane. Now I love the guy. He’s demonstrating good business sense. Our military should appreciate the opportunity to be ready for real threats instead of being tied up in these deadly public works projects.

Please stand firm Donald.

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