Who’s the racist? Really.

Want to Help the Black Community?

Want to help the black community?

1. Legalize all drugs. The result will be fewer blacks in jail, less black on black murder, fighting over drug turf. None, at least not from that cause. We ended alcohol prohibition: no more murders over alcohol turf.

2. Eliminate the minimum wage law; less black unemployment. Right now the unemployment rate for black teens (the subgroup most in need of help), is QUADRUPLE (LET ME REPEAT THAT: QUADRUPLE) that of white adults. Before the advent of this evil law, there was no difference in the unemployment rates of the two groups

3. Get rid of the welfare system. It didn’t break up the black family, it caused it not to form in the first place. 75% of black kids don’t have a mother and a father in their home. Before welfare, the black and white families were in a virtual tie for intactness. Read on this Charles Murray’s magnificent book, Losing Ground.

4. Get rid of affirmative action. It’s like putting me in the ring with Mike Tyson after I’ve had a few boxing lessons. It is unfair to black students to place them in universities where the average SAT score is several hundred points above theirs. It steers them into majoring in whining studies instead of STEM.

Those are my moderate proposals.

My radical one? Severely punish, with jail sentences, the people, politicians, bureaucrats, responsible for harming the black community with these policies in the first place.

2 responses to “Who’s the racist? Really.

    • Wow Tony. So great to know you look at the blog. Reminds me of the time I saw a bunch of cattle run through the snow outside the living room. We thought they were just running around. Went out to do chores and looked down toward the cows in the pasture. Thought, ‘we sure have a lot of cattle.” Then I realized the weaned calves had gotten through the fence and back with their moms. I called Dawn on the cell phone and said, “here’s some food for thought.”

      Yep. All too often, we think laws can produce the intended outcomes. The politicians are supposed to be smart. I contend they are the bottom of the barrel. The laws they pass are only a charade intended to create an illusion of progress. I thought this was one of Walter Block’s most succinct writings. I too feel most politicians should be in prison. Especially Joni Ernst and Steve King.

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