Iowans luck out

The headline I first saw was “Liberal Group Posts Video…”

Gotta love that liberal group. They exposed, slime-ball Bill Dix smooching with a lobbyist babe in a bar. He is (should be was) married, with kids.

An Iowa attorney called it an abuse of power. Haha. I’d say the lobbyist was abusing HER power. But then…

Anyway, he is so stupid he makes out in public with this gal, he proves he can’t abide by, what should be THE most important contract a man can make.

My fondest wish would be that everybody in the statehouse gets found out so no one is there to redistribute our earnings to their favored Charities (bosses). Look at the rest areas and there is the tip of the iceberg. The one between Des Moines and Council Bluffs has these soil profile designs on pillars that are crumbling faster than the myth that Iowa farmers care about the land. What are they there for, unless to shovel money at some cony contractor.

Don’t single out Dix. My dad said it takes three days. I say it varies. But learning the ways at the statehouse is easily translated as being bought.

Image result for dix

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