L.L. Bean gives up

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Here is a perfect example of why socialism doesn’t work.

I had a parka for a few years that I bought from LL Bean. The insulation fell down into the sleeves after a pretty short time. I called them to see if they had a similar parka with improved quality. They sent me a check for $89 dollars without wanting the coat returned. I’m on my second down chore coat from them. I bought them both. 20 below wind is only a problem on areas outside where the coat covers.
The idea that a redistributionist state can prosper without physical forced coercion (known by the ignorant masses today as fascism) is a fairy tale. This author, who wouldn’t be writing for Slate if they respected the property rights of others, shows that the most fervent proponents of socialism are the ones who will ruin it for everyone.
It is best to work with human nature because it can’t be changed:

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