Comment on Walter Russell Mead’s intro column as first of his regular ones.

Mead declares his conversations with Kissinger found him to be a “realist.” So what is this game, foreign policy? How does it involve US military personnel? SWorn to uphold and defend the Constitution? What about taxpayers who have no interest in directing the affairs of other people, unless it involves defense?

Is foreign policy real to an upholsterer, a grill cook, or mechanic? They only fund it, and receive nothing but more enemies in return.

Image result for khmer rouge

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used in foreign policy.”

Thus spoke the wonderful Henry Kissinger who helped direct the rise of the Khmer Rouge. In his image politicians have gone on to make the same deadly mistakes over and over.  To call Kissinger a great man is a slap in the face of servicemen and taxpayers alike who value life and a government limited to preserving the common law principles that built this country. It is interesting and tragic to hear the fairy-tale dialog that this interventionist foreign policy has protected American freedoms. How so?


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