Response to suggested viewing of James Baldwin documentary on Public Television.

Well. I just gotta come out with it. I’m not a racist. There I’ve said it. I think a racist is someone who says there is a difference between the races. Oops, I guess I am. You’d have to be a fool to say there are not traits within races that differentiate them from other ones.

I’m no Zen Master so when I climb in the tractor I want input. I get classic country, then another Eddie Arnold comes on. I switch to talk radio and find veterans have replaced Jesus and John Lennon. I switch to public radio and if there was no race or gender “issues,” it would be dead silence.
My god! Our blessed government supports the Saudis’ genocide in Yemen and various dozens of war crimes worldwide and we talk only of a few idiots who think people of color or gender confusion are going to change the world into offensive this or offensive that?
I found the Baldwin thing fascinating and familiar. It was like a song by The Eagles, i don’t need to buy the album because it is all around me all the time. I can whistle the guitar solos.
BTW, I find the military worship equally redundant and unnecessary.
Other things to consider on this day:
1. Sergei Eisenstein’s 120th birthday. Google praises the man for his wonderful propaganda convincing people to accept tens of millions of murders as a path to social justice. I prefer to admire his craft as craft. Maybe one of the greatest filmmakers ever.
2. The 45th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s death. RIT (rest in torment). I saw this article in The Guardian where the guy so appreciated the ruination of personal relationships perpetuated by LBJ that he excused the escalation of the Vietnam War. (Personal relationships explanation: The Civil Rights Act basically banned private property and that will come back to haunt anyone who takes a stand. Charity no longer personal or private reduces gratitude and incentive to correct bad circumstances. The large pool created in this circumvention breeds fraud and disrespect.
3. To make it all better we watched this tonight:

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