Iowa wine and beer guide

The Hampton paper has a notice I post here “almost daily.” Well. Not true… for a long time now. But… there is much to say as an alternative to the crap we hear unless we are deaf. So…

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On the radio today, a state winery and brewery guide.

Here we are in a place where drunks are one of the most destructive influences in the personal lives of all of us. And the state publishes a list of where to buy the stuff. (Not that drunks would search out local wine or craft beer.)

Meanwhile, medical marijuana has been “legalized.” But only one grower is authorized to grow it. And he is state approved, of course. Can you give me a better example of crony capitalism?

Disclaimer: I do not advocate for the use of any substance.

Marijuana has a minute negative impact on society compared to alcohol. What would that make the state of Iowa? To me, it is obvious who the real criminals are. That is, if you consider laws are meant to preserve an orderly society.

If you think laws exist to grant favors to special interests, restrict medicine to people in pain and enable stupid behavior, you approve of Iowa’s politicians.

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