Letter to Journal on Pot and Jason Riley

Dearest Editor,

Jason Riley fails to make his point in “Legalizing Pot Is a Bad Way to Promote Racial Equality” ( Aug. 9 Wall Street Journal). The War On Drugs is a war on responsibility. When we are truly liable for our mistakes in life we quit making those mistakes. As long as the welfare state exists, drug use that has negative effects will continue. Drug users who quit do so because they want to improve their lives, not because some authoritarian busybody sics a uniform on them.

Riley departs from his usual principled view in the direction of restitution and affirmative action. Consistent opinions are more credible than those backed by emotional calls for “somebody must do something in this special situation.”

By the way, in an Alaskan logging camp in the seventies, pot was allowed, but possession of alcohol would get you canned.


Love, Fritz

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