Letter from and to my sister, who sold her Jetta back to VW.

I didn’t hear that they will be crushing the buyback cars. Is that true? I figured they would do the “fix” on them and resell them. I’m sorry, but I still feel I did the right thing. How could I pass us getting over $20,000 for a 5-6 yr. old car and buying one I like better. I thought I loved my Jetta, but I love my Prius more. I get the same mileage. It rides much more comfortably. It holds the road just as well. I do however very much miss the pick up ability of the turbo engine. I miss the heated seats but the Prius heats up faster so it’s 50/50 there. I do prefer the steering wheel cover and leatherette seats of the VW. But I have more and more versatile cargo space in my Prius (but I didn’t have the wagon so…). Both are the same red, so I like the color of both.

So there you have it, whatever that is…. 🙂


No need to defend your choice. I do like the more uprightness of the V. And I’ll never own anything but a wagon. Actually, I doubt we’ll have to buy another car before we die.

Roadholding means something different to me, I suppose. If you were to try to avoid a muffler laying in the road, do you really think the V would go where you point it as well as the Jetta?
On the crushing, from what I hear, which isn’t much, the ones with DEF could be fixed with a computer change of some sort. The ones like yours would require adding DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) that is injected into the exhaust to magically reduce particulates. Our wagon doesn’t have independent rear suspension so it can accommodate the 4 gallon DEF tank. Extensive bodywork would have to be done to retrofit the tank and plumbing ect to a car like your Jetta. Probably thousands of dollars, thus the thought they may be crushed. There are big parking lots all over the country full of these cars waiting.
When you hear “up to 40 times the allowable limit” on VW’s NOx emissions you have to put that in perspective. Idling, full acceleration, decelerating are all circumstances of extreme and momentary conditions that cause variable emissions. The language is used by extremist nut-cases who envy people who are more skilled or productive than themselves and want the government to make things fair, in their minds.
The NAZIs did the same thing to the Jews in their quest for power. Jews were prosperous, as a group and portrayed as exploiters. An easy target for a people hamstrung by the conditions imposed by the surrender of Germany following WWI (no exports were allowed and they were expected to pay reparations and rebuild and form a productive economy from the ashes of the war.
Here, today, the unions and corporate alliance of U.S. industry and government  saw VW as a threat. It was just in the Hindustan Times (not here of course) that VW passed Toyota as the largest car maker in the world last year in spite of the Dieselgate scandal.

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