Bring a Trailer

There is a website called bring a trailer. com. They feature an auction of their own and references to unusual cars for sale all over the world. Good place for a car guy like me. On this recent post by a guy whose wife sold her VW back to VW as a settlement for cheating on emissions tests, the hate was obvious. Others chimed in as well. What a bunch of chumps. I decided to comment as well:

“Run the numbers. NOx from a grilled burger is greater than an 18 wheeler going 143 miles. EPA standards are protectionism of cronies, not air quality. If the US had the same standards and percentage of diesel cars as Europe, it would cost oil companies $20 billion per year in fuel savings for consumers. We bought our Golf Sportwagen after the scandal broke (lease return) because we’d waited years for VW to get it right. There comes a time for civil disobedience. The damage done by regulations is far greater than that done by a clean diesel.”

Image result for VW

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