More on Baseball

Image result for cubs win world series 2016

Stayed up late to watch the stats go by on / Gameday. No radio station within reach carried the game and the on-line access was a puzzle to me so…

It was pretty cool anyway. There’s a picture of the strike-zone with each pitch and the ability to find speed ect. It was frustrating, however as the info was slow, sometimes three pitches were posted at a time, and when the rain delay happened in the tenth I had to go to an independent comment stream to find out why nothing was going on. Also, this method of following a baseball game made me look modern. I stared a lot. Probably a TV antenna on the shopping list for next fall.

Baseball makes football look like a game of ants moving a grasshopper carcass.

If any two cities needed something positive it would be Cleveland (with an average of 29 ODs a day), and Chicago (where the government has decided only criminals may defend themselves with a gun. 600 murders so far this year).

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