Jose Fernandez Avenue

I heard the news today, oh boy! They will name a street after a guy who was drunk and snorting coke when he ran into a jetty in Miami. Gosh the role models just keep getting weirder. “Hey dad can I go down and get a six pack while you dig some blow out of your stash for our night out?”

This goes along with a contention I’ve made for years… the substance is not the issue. The issue is dereliction of responsibility. Plenty of people have snorted coke and drank while boating with no consequence. Fernandez’s sin was wrecking a boat, leaving scores of people brokenhearted, and others endangered. Not drinking and snorting.

To make the sin the taking of drugs does not address the cause of the damage done. It excuses Jose’s poor behavior. To glorify the name of this selfish bastard is an affront to all the people who live their lives with consideration of others.

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