Licence plate readers

Vehicle licenses were scanned at gun shows near the Mexican border, according to government emails. Above, people entering a 2013 gun show in Costa Mesa, Calif.

A story in the War Street Journal today had federal agents persuading local police to drive through parking lots at gun shows and using licence plate readers to identify the owners of cars at the shows. Well I haven’t done anything wrong, right?

Dawnie sang the Donovan song, Colors, at the Ho Down for my birthday tonight. The line: “Freedom is a word I rarely use without think’n,” has huge meaning. 99% of people who use the word “freedom,” don’t think about it.

Some do, though.My dad and I both thought the best way to benefit our country would be to vote for someone like Tom Harkin. We are on such a downward spiral, a vote for… heck… anybody would hasten the rebuilding process. After the collapse.

In the article the ACLU is collaborating with Gun Owners of America to fight this scourge. Oh Yeah. That is what I call an alliance.

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