Letter to Farm News

Dear Editor,

It shouldn’t be such a mystery to David Kruse that we are not offered any good candidates (Wanted: Good candidates, Aug. 26 Farm News).

Since government has evolved into a force of theft, the good people have decided to stay out of it. They are productive in the private sector instead of sticking their noses into other people’s business. They don’t see a need for forcing people to buy “alternative” energy that the market has determined to be too expensive. They don’t see a need to tell other countries how to run their own affairs and they don’t see a need to tell people here at home how to live their lives either.

Government produces nothing. It only stifles those who do. Kruse cites opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as being anti free trade. That “agreement” is more than 5,600 pages long. It doesn’t take 5,600 pages to say we may trade with whomever we want on whatever terms we agree upon.

Politicians truly believe the myth that bureaucrats and committees can manage society better than an aggregate of millions of personal choices. They believe that totalitarianism can provide greater prosperity than freedom.

That ignorance of economic principles is what drives them to seek public office. And the belief that productive endeavors further the good things in society better than government edict, is what keeps the good people out of the political realm.

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